Identifying Research Priorities for a Solar Geoengineering Research Agenda


Saturday, December 1, 2018 (All day)


Washington, D.C.
In December 2018, SGRP hosted a workshop in Washington, DC. Organized by Harvard researchers David Keith, Frank Keutsch, Dustin Tingley, Peter Irvine, Lizzie Burns, Cornell researcher, Douglas MacMartin, and Carnegie Institution for Science researcher, Ken Caldeira, this project aimed to identify views about research priorities for solar geoengineering through a survey of, and discussion with, experts in the field. It identified which solar geoengineering technologies, areas of research, and specific research proposals are of high priority to the research community and where there are differences of opinion amongst the researchers. Moreover, it will support the development of international solar geoengineering research. We hope the outcomes of the survey and discussion, which will be synthesized in a white paper and possibly additional publications, will be valuable to a range of audiences.
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