Frank Doyle — Governance for the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx)

Because of the complex societal and governance issues posed by solar geoengineering, Harvard has ensured the SCoPEx project has the guidance of an independent Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee is providing the university and SCoPEx scientists with advice on environmental health and safety, research, and governance. It is addresssing scientific review, standards for transparency, risk management, and stakeholder engagement, among other aspects. The committee is also ensuring that SCoPEx scientists share their findings and “governance lessons learned” with diverse stakeholders, including other scientists and policymakers.

Richard McCullough, Harvard Vice Provost for Research, said, “This work fits with Harvard’s mission to explore the physical world in ways that benefit humankind. Basic research on solar geoengineering is critical, and it is essential that we serve as an exemplar of research governance in this emerging field. An independent Advisory Committee, combined with the experience and leadership of the SCoPEx project members, will help us achieve this goal. We are grateful to all those who have contributed to this effort.”

SGRP has provided funding to support the important work of the Advisory Committee.
Frank Doyle

Frank Doyle

John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Dean
John A. & Elizabeth S. Armstrong Professor of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Affiliated Faculty Member, Division of Sleep Medicine, Harvard Medical School