Harvard Faculty Research Grants

In addition to supporting post-doctoral and pre-doctoral fellows directly though our Fellowship program, Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program (SGRP) invites faculty and researchers throughout Harvard to apply for grants supporting their own research.

Eligibility: Harvard faculty and researchers, wishing to support their own research. No prior experience in solar geoengineering required. The main criterion is vision and importance of the proposed research. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.


Pre-proposal: A pre-proposal is not mandatory, but if you wish to receive early feedback on your application, please email Lizzie Burns at eburns [at] g.harvard.edu with 300 words that outline your potential project and budget.

Proposal: To formally apply, please email Lizzie Burns at eburns [at] g.harvard.edu a one- to two-page proposal (one inch margins, 11 point font or larger) that briefly addresses the following:

  1. What questions are you trying to answer in this project? How will your answers advance the understanding on solar geoengineering?
  2. How will you approach the problem, and how does your approach differ from others? How does your experience enable you to approach the problem in an innovative way?
  3. What kind of impact could your project have? How will you measure results?
  4. Who will be involved in your project, and what resources will be required? Within your one- to two-page proposal narrative, please provide rough budget estimates for (a) personnel, (b) equipment, and (c) other. There is no prescribed format for presenting this information. However, if a template is useful please click here. Faculty are encouraged to work closely with their grant administrators to develop a budget. Indirect costs should not be included.

A one page appendix with graphics and/or references may be included in addition to the one- to two-page project proposal.

Applicants must also submit a two-page biosketch. Any format is acceptable. Please note any prior experience working on solar geoengineering if applicable (not required). In addition, you may submit a two-page biosketch for any collaborators involved in the project.

Evaluation: Applications will be evaluated for their significance, innovation, potential impact, interdisciplinarity and the ability of the applicant to successfully carry out the project. Applications from researchers who take a critical view of solar geoengineering are strongly encouraged.

SGRP’s Advisory Committee will review all complete proposals.