Solar Geoengineering Policy Seminar Series


We are holding a Solar Geoengineering Policy Seminar Series at the Harvard Kennedy School. We aim to establish an ongoing forum to debate policy issues that relate to solar geoengineering technologies. Sessions will feature presentations followed by group conversations framed by a discussant. Seminars will be conducted using a hybrid (in person and Zoom) format; in order to build our research community, we encourage people to come in person if they feel comfortable doing so. 

We have chosen a seminar format that aims to foster structured discussion. Each session will have:

  • Two lead speakers who will each speak for a maximum of 15 minutes. Pairs of speakers will typically be chosen to represent a diversity of viewpoints on a topic, and each will usually be active in solar geoengineering policy or research.
  • A single discussant chosen from the Kennedy School community who will spend 5 minutes leading off the discussion. The discussant will typically be an expert in a relevant domain of public policy but will often have no familiarity with solar geoengineering.
  • A hybrid session leader whose sole job will be to manage the challenges of a hybrid in-person and Zoom meeting format with the goal of facilitating equal participation by all.