Lucas Stanczyk — The Ethical and Political Dimensions of Solar Geoengineering

The prospect of developing a feasible and relatively inexpensive method of geoengineering raises numerous important ethical and political questions. For example, to what ends may geoengineering technology be put if the world is to do right by future generations? How does the prospect of geoengineering affect the responsibility of wealthy countries to help pay for the cost of building clean energy systems in the industrializing world? Who has the right to decide whether large-scale geoengineering will be allowed and what would a legitimate process of deployment look like? What are the most important dangers of developing technologies of geoengineering, and how do these dangers affect how research into geoengineering should be funded and conducted? The purpose of this project is to develop a set of lectures on the ethical and political dimensions of geoengineering technology and research. The lectures will form part of a Harvard College course on the ethics of climate change.